18 July 2012

Zhengqin Luo speaks about ZQL: A Query Language for Private Data

Microsoft Research – Inria Joint Centre
Campus de l’Ecole polytechnique, Palaiseau
Bld Alan Turing, Salle Milner

ZQL: A Query Language for Private Data
Zengqin Luo, MSR-Inria Joint Centre

We design and implement a variant of SQL for processing private data, with strong integrity for the results of authorized queries, and strong confidentiality for the rest of the data. The language can be used to specify a wide range of security protocols where data privacy is needed.

We build an optimizing query compiler that automatically selects cryptographic constructions, treated as extended operations in our language.

Joint work with George Danezis, Cedric Fournet, Markulf Kohlweiss (MSRC).