21 May 2013

Spring Day of the Joint Centre












Keynote 1 : Jean-Christophe Filliatre, CNRS

Deductive Program Verification with Why3

Keynote 2 : Michael I. Jordan, University of California, Berkeley

On the Computational and Statistical Interface and "Big Data"


PhD students session 1

Pierre Lairez [Project : Dynamic Dictionary of Mathematical Functions]

Computation of diagonals of rational functions

Iro Bartzia [Project : Secure Computing]

Verifying implementations of elliptic curve algorithms for cryptography

Loic Le Folgoc [Project : Cardiac Images]

Learning cardiac motion from images

Piotr Bojanowski [Project: Image and Video Mining]

Finding Actors and Actions in Movies


PhD students session 2

Hernan Vanzetto [Project: Tools for Proofs]

Automatic verification of TLA+ proofs using SMT solvers

Hua Yang [Project: Image and Video Mining]

 Tracking people in the wild

Jan Margeta [Project: Cardiac Images]

Characterizing human hearts through semantic attibutes


Postdoc session

Tomer Libal [Project: Tools for Proofs]

Automatic reasoning about TLA formulae

Gergely Acs [Project: Private Computing]

Differential Privacy via Markov chain Monte Carlo

Anoop Cherian [Project: Image and Video Mining]

Articulated human pose estimation in videos via structured regularization