Jean-Sébastien Franco
Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes

I am associate professor of Computer Science at the Ensimag (School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, INP Grenoble University), and a researcher at the INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes, France, with the Morpheo team since 2011.


I obtained my PhD from the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble in 2005 with the INRIA MOVI team. I started my professional career as a postdoctoral research assistant at the University of North Carolina’s Computer Vision Group in 2006, and as assistant professor at the University of Bordeaux, with the IPARLA team, INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest. My expertise and interest is in the field of computer vision, dynamic 3D modeling and 4D spatio-temporal modeling from multiple views, 3D interaction. Full CV available.

Publications at the Joint Centre: