Open Positions

5 January 2020
Job offer for a 1-year “Starting Research Position” in the “Distributed Machine Learning” project

Details of the position: The work will be on the topic of distributed algorithms for solving Machine Learning problems such as supervised learning, federated learning and clustering. The candidate is expected to identify algorithms together with theoretical guarantees on their performance in terms of distribution of {data, computing and communication} resources among agents distributed over a network. The candidate will conduct research at the Inria Paris centre in collaboration with Francis Bach, Laurent Massoulié and PhD students working in the area. The candidate will also collaborate with researchers Sebastien Bubeck and Lin Xiao from the Microsoft Research lab in Redmond, where extended stays will be performed.

Profile: We are looking for a candidate having obtained a PhD thesis in Machine Learning in the last few years, with a strong publication record at competitive venues in the domain (eg ICML, COLT, NeurIPS) and proven ability to autonomously drive her/his own research agenda. Previous experience in theoretical computer science or distributed computing is a plus.