17 June 2008

Manuel Serrano gives seminar on HOP

Mardi 17 juin, batiment I, 11h

Programming Ubiquitous Applications with HOP
Manuel Serrano
INRIA Sophia-Antipolis

The Web is a such a rich architecture that it is giving birth to new applications that were unconceivable only few years ago in the past. Developing these applications differs from developing traditional applications, hence, traditional generalist programming languages are not always well suited. To help facing this problem, we have conceived the HOP programming language, a dialect of Lisp, enriched with a syntax and a semantics crafted for programming Web applications. In order to demonstrate that HOP, and its SDK, can be used for implementing realistic applications, we have started to develop new innovative applications that extensively relies on the infrastructure offered by Web and that use HOP unique features. During the presentation we will present one of these applications and we will detail some aspects of its implementation.