8 February 2012

Jeremy Planul defends his PhD at Ecole polytechnique

Amphi Pierre Faurre
Ecole polytechnique

Using Cryptography For Multiparty Security
Dissertation defence by
Jérémy Planul, MSR-INRIA Joint Centre

We are more and more dependent on our computing infrastructure, and yet its security is challenged every day. From a research viewpoint, a lot of progress in security has been made, using in particular formal methods and programming language techniques. This has lead us to a first few small, exemplary verified systems and protocols. In spite of these results, it is still hard to gain strong confidence that a program is correct and secure, and most of the software that we depend upon offers very few guarantees.

In this thesis, we focus on language-based security by construction. We take as input the specification of a distributed computation involving multiple participants, together with its expected security properties. We then verify that this specification is sound, using static verification techniques such as type systems, and we then automatically generate a program for each participant. During this compilation process, we select adequate cryptographic and hardware mechanisms, such that the compiled programs correctly implement the computation with the required security properties.


Anupam Datta (Carnegie Mellon University), rapporteur
Dave Sands (Chalmers University), rapporteur
Hubert Comon (ENS Cachan)
Thomas Jensen (INRIA)
Francois.Pottier (INRIA)
Cedric Fournet (MSR Cambridge), directeur
Jean-Jacques Lévy (INRIA), directeur