23 September 2009

Elena Giachino talks about the Foundations of Session Types

Orsay, Bat I, 1st floor,
MSR-INRIA Joint Centre

Foundations of Session Types
Elena Giachino
PPS and Univ. of Torino

In network applications it is crucial to have a mechanism to guarantee that communications evolve correctly according to the agreed protocol. Session types offer a method for abstracting and validating structured communication sequences (sessions). In this talk we present a streamlined theory of session types based on a simple yet general and expressive formalism whose main features are semantically characterized and where each design choice is semantically justified. We formally define the semantics of session types and use it to devise the subsessioning relation. We demonstrate the generality and expressive power of our framework by providing a session-based type system for a pi-calculus variant that does not rely on any specialized construct for session-based communication. The type system is shown to guarantee absence of communication errors and global progress.


ATTENTION: l’heure a été modifiée pour ne pas faire de conflit avec l’exposé de Moshe Vardi au LIX à 10h30, ce mercredi.